In Uncharted Universe, there are many companies such as Yum Tech and Oof Tech. Here are a list of them (will be updated when I learn about more):

Independent (People who aren't in a company. An example is Jm934.)

Oof Tech (Run by Devon, before known as Hexa Tech. Colors are Orange and Black.)

Yum Tech (Run by YumYums, the biggest company so far. Colors are Cyan and Black.)


Crazy Co. (Run by crazygman, has survived for a long time. Colors are Red and Black.)

Sf's Company (Owned by sfx. Colors are Green and Black, before copied Crazy Co's colors.)

Cheeki Breeki (Owned by MC. Hated by RobloxPilot6.)


C-Tech (Owned by Cj1dad.)

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Sci-Corp (Owned by scibust colors are red and white, one of the oldest companies and was split off from C-Tech, additionally is in a alliance with Yum-Tech)

Rob Corporate (Owned by Robuyasu. Colors are Orange and Grey.)

H3ck T3ck (Owned by H3ckling. Has no color scheme.)