The BioLab is a late-game construction device that allows players to create a plant lifeform by inputting plant material like wood, sticks, and leaves. This creates organic matter, a somewhat useful material that can be used for building, burning, as as ammunition for the energy cannon. (Creates an "orgaball energycannon"). Generating plant parts consumes the matter points you get by inputting the plant materials. Each part requires energy to function. Plants get energy they require from energy generating components. There are 4 of these components. Each column in the list of available components is a group. These groups each preform a different function. There are energy generation parts, defense parts, reproduction parts, and passive ability parts. Reproduction parts spread the seeds for the plant so it can reproduce, or can serve to help players as healing food. Passive parts preform abilities for the plant, such as the buoy allowing the plant to grow on water (if the requirements are met). Defensive parts harm players, parts, and other materials. They include traps that are invisible and kill players, poppers that explode, and thorns that act as melee weapons. Finally, Generation parts allow the plant to generate energy, making it able to survive, reproduce, and use it's abilities.

If created correctly, plants can be used as weapons, like natural land or water mines, or as utilities, like weak power generation.

(List of all plant parts and their descriptions coming soon)