Awsomeman1089 here

Hello people, I am Awsomeman1089. A lot of you might know by now that I was a griefer in the game, that was perm banned, but it's not really about that. You cant play the game anymore. After filtering enabled was forcefully uh, enabled, the game broke. Even though many people hated me I still feel bad that the game broke. It was honestly one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played on roblox. You could do so many things! You could make spaceships, mining drills, jet packs, space stations, and much more. You could even battle aliens and explore other planets! I've also tried to make a nuclear weapon at least a few times :). UU really deserved a spot on front page, the sad part it never got one. If you took a bit to learn about the game, you could enjoy an experience like no other, without annoying things like microtransactions. It was truly the game that powered imagination. F