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• 8/4/2016

Uncharted Universe II Updates!!!

(These are only POSSIBLE updates, they won't neccessarily happen) 

*Temperature/Liquids simulation: Parts can have temperatures, just like players can. Part temperatures will update every 10 seconds or so. --Temperature transfers-- Slowly changes to match ambient air temperature. Slowly dissipates (you could make heat radiators). Transferred between parts. Heat generated by certain electronics, Heaters, Engines, sunlight, lightning, etc. Heat reduced by coolers (opposite of Heaters), ice, etc. Temperature harder to control in space. --Temperature effects on parts-- Can catch fire if heated more than 300 F for flammables. Can char if heated more than 250 F for flammables. Can melt if heated beyond melting point for most metals and minerals. Can be damaged if heated more than 250 F if electronic/mechanical. Can change color depending on heat (and lose painted color) for most metals and minerals. --Liquids-- Possible Liquids: Water, Lava (molten Stone, Metal, etc), Acid, Goo, Oil, etc. Liquids would be pools of liquids that cannot be dragged/painted/resized. They combine into a larger pool when they hit each other, and can be used in crafting or have effects on other parts. Collected by Container, a part that could contain liquids that touch it (replacement for FuelTank) Deleted by Sponge, a part that deletes liquids that touch it, except for dangerous liquids like Lava.

*Part: DelaySwitch, conducts power/trigger with Adjustable delay. *Part: Turbofan, part that uses Oil and acts as a jet engine. (possibly replace Rocket) *New Engine system involving DriveBricks, so the engine can be placed away from the wheels/propeller. *TimeMachine improvement where you can travel back to any point in time, even if it was in a previous server. *Advanced Jackets, such as HazmatSuit, ScubaSuit, ParachuteSuit, GravSuit, etc.

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• 8/10/2016

DelayWire and TitaniumWedge have been added as of August 9, 2016.

• 8/14/2016

Uncharted Universe 2.4.2:

Map Generator Update: 3 map regions added, Hot, Temperate and Cold

Added rainstorms, snowstorms and sandstorms; can corrode items until they disappear; corroded items cannot be used.

Turbofan added; engine/rocket hybrid.

Airplane physics improved; height of flight can be changed with the pitch of the wings.

Airshields, Biolabs and some glitches fixed.

Tutorial, Seeker fixed

Cooler added

Heater recipe changed

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